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I AMbitious is the business club of the academy SCE for students of Entrepreneurship and Retail Management, Commercial Economics and Sports Marketing at Saxion Deventer and Enschede.

By setting up this business club, Saxion wants to ensure that the SCE student gets a better perspective of the entrepreneurial world and general business in the Netherlands. The SCE students of Saxion Deventer and Enschede will thus get closer to the companies. 

The values that I AMbitious offers are an advantage for both the students and the companies with which I AMbitious wants to start a collaboration. Because the SCE students, through I AMbitious, come into contact with companies in the Netherlands they create a much better image for themselves of how everything works in the business world. 

For the companies, this is also interesting since they may be dealing with future employees. We learn, do and innovate together. Together we celebrate our successes. I AMbitious students stand for:


  •            Ambitious;
  •            Respectful;
  •            Partnership;
  •            Transparency;
  •            Trustworthiness;
  •            Developmental;
  •            Entrepreneurial.

These qualities are highly valued at I AMbitious. After all, this unique collaboration is not only about your own future, but also about someone else's future. I AMbitious therefore only accepts students who respect these norms and values.

In short: I AMbitious is a business club for both SCE students and companies in the Netherlands, with the ultimate goal of broadening each other's network and perspective. The ultimate goal is to pursue the above core values to create a long-term, sustainable relationship between students and companies.

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